Trump SHREDS ‘mentally challenged’ Biden

by Summer Lane

President Trump held nothing back when discussing the absent leadership of Joe Biden on Saturday during a Save America rally in Florence, South Carolina.

“We have a president representing our country at the most important time in history, who is physically and mentally challenged!” Trump told the crowd, who roared in agreement. 

Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the 45th president reminded the crowds, “We are praying for the people of Ukraine. They are going through hell…make no mistake that Russia would not have dared to annex one inch of territory if I was in the White House.” He added, “Under my leadership America was feared by her enemies and we were respected by all.” 

As the situation in Eastern Europe continues to escalate and gas prices in America continue to soar, many Americans long for a return to President Trump’s strong leadership.

“Where are we living?” Trump remarked in an interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn. “This is not the world of reality.” Many people agree with his comments amid an increasingly-burdensome economic landscape that has made it difficult for American families to survive and simply pay the gas bill. 

President Trump continued, “We’re losing our country no different than if we had lost a war.”

He also pointed out that while Ukraine is enduring hardship and tragedy, the U.S. should not lose sight of the fact that we are a sovereign nation that needs to defend our borders from the invasion occurring at the open southern border.

“I believe Americans deserve a president who will stop the invasion into our country,” Trump stated. “Open border policies are getting innocent Americans killed.” 

President Trump pulled no punches in his assessment of the Biden administration’s threadbare leadership, reminding the audience that while things may look bleak right now, the American spirit and will to fight for freedom is alive and well.

“Together, we will make a more exceptional country than ever before,” Trump concluded, teasing a wave of conservative victories as the 2022 midterm season heats up. “There is no victory we cannot have.”

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