Trump sings ‘ALL STAR’ Kari Lake’s praises ahead of November election: ‘Energy, passion, toughness, brilliance’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump sang the praises of his endorsed gubernatorial nominee in Arizona, Kari Lake, during a Sunday night rally in Mesa. Trump called Lake, who has shaken establishment politics to its core, an “ALL STAR.”

“Arizona could not ask for a governor with more energy, passion, toughness, brilliance, and determination to secure your borders…” Trump told the crowd.

The president spoke to a massive crowd of thousands in the hot Arizona desert on Sunday, throwing the full power of his support behind a dazzling lineup of America First candidates that also included GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters, Republican secretary of state nominee Mark Finchem, and the Republican nominee for attorney general, Abe Hamadeh.

Trump told supporters that Kari Lake would “get up every single day” and “she will fight the media, she will stand up to the Biden administration…”

He also joked, “When Kari wins this November, the media’s heads will absolutely explode. That will be interesting to watch.”

Trump promised that Lake would bring jobs and opportunity to the Grand Canyon State, pointing out that right now, gasoline prices in the state were second only to California.

Comically, the 45th president took time to mop the floor with Lake’s Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs.

“Katie Hobbs is proudly endorsed by three different defund the police groups,” he said. He added, “Katie Hobbs will defund the police. Kari Lake will defund the cartels.”

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