Trump slams Bidenomics amid recent inflation reports

2GJBMT3 CHARLESTON 2018-11-03 President Donald Trump during an election rally at the Huntington Tri-State Airport in Charleston, West Virginia. Foto: Anette Nantell / DN / TT / Kod: 3500

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As President Trump made his way into the Manhattan courtroom for day seven of the hush money trial, he slammed Joe Biden’s economic policy amid devastating reports on inflation.

President Trump’s criticism of the country’s economy came after a report showed that the U.S. economy was growing at a slower rate. Fox Business reported that the economy only grew by 1.6 percent, which is much slower than expected. The report also shows that current inflation is still exceeding the Federal Reserve’s target of 2 percent. 

Fox News reported that President Trump told reporters before entering the courtroom on the ongoing Manhattan criminal trial, “Some very big things have happened, but the biggest seems to be that the GDP just announced us all the way down to 1.6%, and it’s heading south. It’s going to get worse.”

President Trump explained what this slow growth would mean to the average American, saying, “Gas prices in California were just also announced at $7.60. Gasoline is going way up. Energy costs are going way up, and the stock market is, in a sense, crashing.” 

After the report’s release, according to Fox News, the Dow Jones Industrial Average slid by more than 600 points. President Trump added, “It looks like the projections are it’s heading in the wrong direction. And that’s why the stock market’s down so big today.” He also issued a stark warning that the country is close to losing the dollar, which would be a big loss. 

President Trump blames Biden for the country’s declining economy, telling reporters, “This is Bidenomics. It’s catching up with them.”   

Before entering the courtroom, he told reporters, “This is the worst run country right now, probably anywhere, just about. You don’t get much worse,” He added, “We have a president who is the worst president in the history of our country.”  

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