Trump slams Biden’s complete incompetency, calls Obama ‘Biden’s boss’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

On Monday, President Donald Trump warned of the “very, very grave danger of having a World War Three,” stating that it would be a “war of obliteration” thanks to the incompetency of Joe Biden’s leadership.

The president spoke about the ongoing chaos in the nation and the world during remarks he gave in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, during a campaign event, scorching Biden’s observable weakness amid global unrest.

“We have a man that can’t even walk off the stage,” Trump remarked, poking a stick at Biden’s regular episodes of confusion on stage.

“We have an incompetent president – he has no clue,” Trump flamed.

President Trump also called out former President Barack Obama, accusing him of pulling the strings behind the scenes on the Biden administration.

“I call him Biden’s boss,” Trump remarked.

Earlier in the evening, when speaking about the horrific attacks by Hamas against Israel, Trump suggested that the “same people who just attacked Israel” were pouring over the open southern border.

“Right now, we’re a country in decline – serious decline,” he said.

Trump also accused Obama of being Biden’s boss in the beginning of his speech, stating, “For decades, the people of New Hampshire have been sold off, ripped off…and betrayed by the corrupt globalists, the Washington Wall Street people and it’s never been worse than it is now than under Crooked Joe Biden…and his boss, Barack Hussein Obama!”

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