Op-ed: Trump Can Secure the Border

by David Crum

Op-ed by David Crum | Photo: Alamy

The media should not fool the American people; Democrats and Republicans ignore border security. Both parties historically push the issue to the next administration. This decade-long problem is perhaps the country’s most neglected policy issue today.

Those who live in a border state (I did for fifteen years) know the media, and Washington never gives border security the attention it deserves. In 2016, Donald Trump ran on securing the border. He brought to light smuggling and drug trafficking. His rhetoric on draining the swamp correlated directly with the politicians who always ignored the illegal crossings.

When Trump took office, Republicans ran the government. We cannot blame Trump for running the country with weak leaders such as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, both Washington elites. Trump’s strong border position never wavered. Even when Nancy Pelosi ran the House, Trump secured the border. Illegal crossings dropped, and asylum seekers had to stay in Mexico, waiting their turn for a U.S. immigration hearing.

The current administration attacked Trump’s policies, calling them inhumane. What is humane about letting millions of unidentified people enter the nation in record numbers? Today, unaccompanied minors and women continue to be trafficked by the drug cartels. There is a reason the National Border Patrol Council endorsed Trump. Under Joe Biden, there is no border.

Trump ran the country on his motto of law and order. Trump’s border wall faced constant mockery and challenges in court. Last week, the Biden administration acknowledged the need to continue a part of the wall. Do not let the politicians deceive you with their political game. Americans are growing angry, suffering in a horrible economy themselves, and have had enough of the open-border policies. The American people need to elect Donald Trump, who prioritized tough national security and protected Americans from day one.

Every election cycle, the discussion of illegal immigration arises, receiving national attention. Today, it seems to get more awareness, even from liberal Democrats. Mayors across the country are pleading for help. People are finally awakening to this problem, realizing they cannot keep kicking it down the road.

Illegal immigration has a detrimental effect on all Americans and communities throughout the U.S. Given the problems of homelessness, poverty, and rising crime rates, politicians must focus on ensuring safety and security for all Americans.

Communities nationwide are also dealing with the fentanyl crisis, in which experts note the drugs are coming from the southern border. Every nation has the right to protect itself and ensure the security of its citizens.

Only Trump can secure the border. Politicians and the rhetoric displayed today should not fool the American people. We must elect the only person who stopped massive illegal migration, Donald Trump.

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