Trump slams illegal immigration crisis in the Golden State: ‘The world is being DUMPED into California’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump delivered remarks at the California GOP Fall Convention in Anaheim on Friday, where he focused heavily on election integrity and border security in the state and nationwide, slamming a “corrupt California political machine.”

The president decried the failing state of California, noting that Republicans in the Golden State were the “last line of defense” against anarchy.

“The election of 2024 is the single most important election in the history of our country,” he told the audience.

The president scorched the unsecured southern border in California, noting, “The world is being dumped into California. Prisoners, terrorists, mental patients…we’re a dumping ground.”

Trump continued, “When I was president, I got along with Gavin Newsom…but I didn’t like what he was doing. The people of California don’t have water. They pay a fortune for water.”

According to RSBN’s Brian Glenn, an estimated 2,500 people packed into the venue to hear President Trump’s speech.

President Trump also highlighted the ongoing “man made drought” of California’s farmland.  He made fun of the restrictive water policies in the states. “We have all those canals, they’re dry as a bone,” he said.

He cracked a few jokes about the restrictor plates placed on water faucets and showers in the Golden State, showing a picture of the famous “Delta Smelt” that has spurred some environmental arguments for leftist water policy in California, drawing laughter from the crowd.

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