Trump slams ‘RIGGED’ voting in California: ‘No way we lose this state in a REAL election’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Courtesy of Trump Campaign

President Donald Trump made an enthusiastic return to the great state of California on Friday, where he arrived in style, flying over Huntington Beach before delivering remarks at the California GOP’s Fall Convention.

His visit to California was the first time he’s been to the Golden State since 2020, and he opened strongly with hardcore remarks about the state’s beleaguered election system.

“We would WIN California in a general election if they didn’t have a rigged voting system,” he declared, ripping mail-in ballots.

“You should see the crowds of people outside,” he remarked, highlighting the supporters who showed up to Anaheim, just outside of the famous Disneyland resort.

He went on about election integrity in California, “It’s a RIGGED system, but it’s a shame that it’s been allowed to go on.”

The president pointed out that every time he visits California, “we have the BIGGEST crowds,” but decried that everyone says a Republican will “automatically” lose the state in a general election.

“No way we lose this state in a REAL election, there’s no way,” Trump proclaimed.

Despite the challenges of the general election, President Trump had an optimistic view of the upcoming California primary.

He resolutely told the audience, “With your support in this election, we’re going to WIN the California primary in a very big, beautiful, historic LANDSLIDE!”

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