Trump slams multi-million dollar appeal bond that would force him to sell assets at ‘Fire Sale prices’

2RYYHTW New York, United States. 01st Oct, 2023. Donald Trump exits the courtroom after the first day of hearings at the New York Supreme Court, in a civil trial brought by Letitia James, New York's Attorney General, over allegations of committing business, tax, and insurance fraud. Credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News

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President Trump eviscerated the whopping multi-million dollar ruling that he has been slapped with amidst a tumultuous campaign season, accusing a New York judge of conspiring to “take my Appellate Rights away from me” in the case.

New York Judge Arthur Engoron levied a massive fine against President Donald Trump recently in the infamous civil fraud lawsuit spearheaded by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The president can appeal the $454 million fine, but only if he posts bond for nearly the same amount, or possibly even more. According to the Associated Press, Trump’s attorneys have said that it’s “not possible under the circumstances presented” to post nearly half a billion dollars to appeal the ruling.

On Truth Social, the 45th president discussed what this meant. He wrote on Truth Social, “In other words, he [Engoron] is trying to take my Appellate Rights away from me when I have already won at the Appellate Division, but he refuses to accept their already made decision.”

He continued, “Nobody has ever heard of anything like this before. I would be forced to mortgage or sell Great Assets, perhaps at Fire Sale prices, and if and when I win the Appeal, they would be gone.”

The president called the fine and the bond price a “WITCH HUNT” and “ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

It certainly seems as if the system has been set against President Trump, especially as The New York Times reported this week that 30 appeal bond companies have refused to work with Trump to secure the bond amount.

Trump fired off on Truth, “Engoron wants me to put up the ridiculous fine (I DID NOTHING WRONG!) before I get a chance to Appeal his crazed ruling – A first!”

The president also called the state attorney general a “FRAUD,” and accused her of collaborating within a “corrupt Communist system, to set their NARRATIVE after learning that their Values and Facts were completely wrong.”

He was referring to Judge Engoron’s valuation of Mar-a-Lago at just “$18,000,000.”

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