Trump stirs up dazzling support in Nevada amid caucus countdown

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump hit a home run in the second of two back-to-back speeches in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, speaking to energetic supporters at a Team Trump Commit to Caucus Event.

The crowd greeted the president with enthusiastic chants of “USA!”

Trump took the podium and joked that there wasn’t enough light to read his speech notes, commenting, “They wrote me a beautiful speech – I might as well throw it right out the window!” The audience laughed.

President Trump touted the importance of Nevada in the upcoming primary election, elevating the rapidly approaching February 2024 caucus in the Silver State. “We need every patriot that you know,” he said, urging prospective caucus-goers to show up in droves and cast their vote for his reelection bid in just a few months.

The president also touched on the corruption that has infested American politics over the past few years, slamming his opponents for how they “cheat.”

He explained, “Our country’s crooked in so many ways, whether it’s an open border or elections.”

Trump vowed, “These elections are SO RIGGED and we’re NOT going to allow it to happen anymore.”

In his remarks, Trump heavily focused on the importance of securing the U.S. border, promising, “One of the first things we’ll do when we get into the white house is STOP THE INVASION that’s taking place on our southern border.”

He further spoke about the ongoing legal problems that he has faced in 2023, accusing his enemies of indicting him “because I complain about the election…it was a RIGGED election!”

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