Trump strikes back at Fox for ‘botched’ poll, touts mega numbers of epic straw poll results

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump took to Truth Social on Monday to slam Fox News’ show “Fox and Friends” for representing “botched” poll numbers.

“@foxandfriends just really botched my poll numbers, no doubt on purpose,” the 45th president wrote in a statement. “That show has been terrible – gone to the ‘dark side.’ They quickly quote the big Turning Point Poll victory of almost 60 points over the number two Republican, and then hammer me with outliers.”

President Trump soared to victory in a staggering new straw poll that took place at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit over the weekend. In the poll, Trump netted a jaw-dropping 78.7 percent of the potential vote in a 2024 matchup against a field of GOP contenders.

By contrast, even wildly popular Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., netted just 19 percent of support when pitted against Trump.

“Actually, almost all polls have me leading all Republicans & Biden BY A LOT,” Trump continued in his statement. “RINO Paul Ryan, one of the weakest and worst Speakers EVER, must be running the place. Anyway, thank you to Turning Point, the crowd & ‘love’ was AMAZING!”

The straw poll demonstrated the power of a 2024 Trump bid. However, without Trump on the ticket, respondents signaled that DeSantis would be their top choice. The Florida governor netted 87 percent of support among a field of fairly unpopular presidential choices like Nikki Haley and Mike Pence.

Last week, during a Save America rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona, Trump told an excited crowd of supporters, “I ran twice, I won twice…and likewise getting more votes than any sitting president in the country by far!” He added, “And now, we may have to do it again!”

Whether or not Trump runs in 2024 remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Republican voters prefer the 45th president over any other candidate on a hypothetical 2024 ticket.

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