Trump strikes strategically at RFK Jr: ‘the most radical-left candidate in the race’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump is known for his take-no-prisoners approach to political brawling, and his most recent statement on Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Independent candidate for president in 2024, demonstrates that well.

“RFK Jr. is, as you know, the most radical-left candidate in the race,” Trump stated. “He’s more so than the Green Party, he’s more so than even Crooked Joe Biden.”

He continued, “He’s got some nice things about him…unfortunately, he is about the Green New Scam, because he believes in that, and a lot of people don’t – they want to see our country become rich and wealthy and strong and powerful and lots of other things and not waste money doing something that nobody wants and everybody knows doesn’t work.”

Trump noted that there would likely be a good portion of Democrats who would not be voting for Crooked Joe Biden and instead be voting for RFK Jr., “and he should, because he’s actually better than Biden – he’s much better than Biden.”

Trump said that if he were a Democrat, he would vote for RFK Jr. “every single time over Biden because he’s frankly more in line with Democrats.”

The president continued, “Kennedy is a radical left Democrat and always will be, but he’s a better man than Joe Biden, that I can tell you. It’s great for MAGA. I hope he continues to run, but the communists will make it very hard on him to get on the ballot as they did for him as a Democrat.”

He pointed out that Democrats “viciously” went after RFK Jr. to block him from appearing as a Democrat on the presidential ballot in 2024. “Welcome to the crowd, RFK Jr.,” Trump joked.

He added, “…They really hurt him badly, that’s why he’s running as an Independent.”

Trump stated that Americans could “expect him [RFK Jr] to be indicted any day now probably for environmental fraud, he is Crooked Joe Biden’s political opponent – not mine.”

He elevated his support among left, center, and right-leaning voters, noting, “It’s going to be interesting to watch the two of them [RFK Jr. and Joe Biden] fight it out. I do believe that RFK Jr., will do very well.”

Earlier this year, amidst rumors that RFK Jr. could be a contender for Trump’s vice-presidential shortlist, the 45th president’s campaign made it clear that this was “FAKE NEWS.”

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