Trump talks details on ‘Our Journey Together’ book tribute to the MAGA movement

President Trump discussed the release of his upcoming book “Our Journey Together” in an exclusive interview with Mark Levin on Sunday. In his interview on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Trump shared details on his exciting new book that will highlight some of the key moments throughout his presidency and the MAGA movement.

When asked about the reason for releasing this book about the four years of his presidency, the 45th president replied, “It’s a book that shows you the beauty of the United States of America.”

Despite facing unprecedented attacks by Democrats and the news media, Trump explained that his presidency was a very good period of time for the American people. He stated, “Despite the horror and the dishonesty and the witch hunts and all of that, it was actually a very beautiful period of time.”

Trump’s new book will feature over 300 pages of photos that were each handpicked by the 45th president. Each image included in the book captures part of the incredible movement that changed American politics, for the better, in 2016. Not only did Trump choose each photo included in the book, but he also wrote numerous captions and notes that give insight into the various stages of his presidency and MAGA movement.

“Our Journey Together” will give the American people a chance to reminisce about the four years of unprecedented achievements including border security, record unemployment, the rebuilding of the military, energy independence, and the best economy in decades. Speaking with Levin, Trump contrasted the difference between American life under the Trump administration and life under the Biden administration, stating, “It’s a very very sad time in our country right now.”

Unlike former presidents, Trump’s first published book about his presidency is not a multi-million dollar deal with a big publishing company. Instead, “Our Journey Together” is being published by Winning Team publishing, a company established by Donald Trump Jr.

“Our Journey Together” focuses on how the MAGA movement embraced the voice of the people and made life better for all Americans during Trump’s four years in office.

The book, which is currently available for pre-order, will be released on Dec. 7, just in time for Christmas.

Trump’s nostalgic book will give Americans a rare chance to view the accomplishments of his administration and the MAGA movement without the opinions and criticisms of the liberal media.

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