Trump tells Biden, ‘Joe, you’re fired!’

by Alex Caldwell

President Donald Trump dealt a crushing blow to South Carolina’s former Republican Governor Nikki Haley on Saturday, trouncing his primary opponent in her home state’s 2024 GOP primary just seconds after polls closed.

Standing before supporters and surrounded by family members and other figures, including the governor and both of the state’s senators, Trump celebrated his decisive win, promising to be back in the state prior to the general election so that he can tell his infamous “Apprentice” television catchphrase, “you’re fired.”

“We’re gonna be up here on November 5, and we’re gonna look at Joe Biden, and we’re gonna look him right in the eye—he’s destroying our country—and we’re gonna say, Joe, you’re fired!”

“Get out! Get out, Joe! You’re fired!” he continued.

Trump then joked that he wished the general election came “quicker,” so he could fix the country sooner because, “Nine months is a long time.”

Multiple outlets projected Trump the winner of South Carolina’s Republican primary moments after polls closed. Trump’s win in the Palmetto State is his fifth win in the Republican primary season.

So far, he has won Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and the delegates from the Virgin Islands. He is expected to sweep to victory unchallenged in all upcoming Super Tuesday GOP primary states on March 5, 2024.

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