Trump elevates UNITY in wake of MASSIVE South Carolina GOP primary VICTORY

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump brought home a huge win on Saturday night in the South Carolina GOP primary, as virtually every major media outlet projected the 45th president’s massive landslide win in the Palmetto State just moments after the polls closed statewide.

“This is a fantastic evening, it’s an early evening!” he declared, taking the stage in South Carolina after the polls officially closed in the state.

Trump’s projected win decisively crushed Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina, bringing his GOP primary election victory total up to 5-0.

Trump told the excited crowd that this was “an even bigger win than we anticipated and I was just informed that we got double the number of votes that has ever been received in the great state of South Carolina!”

Trump added, “I just want to say I’ve never seen the Republican Party so unified as it is right now!”

New York Times projection at 7:14 pm ET

Just 14 minutes after the polls closed, The New York Times projected that Trump was leading with 63 percent of the vote against Nikki Haley’s 35 percent.

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