Trump tells Moms for Liberty ‘I have opposed mandates since Day One’

2CA6J2D President Trump makes a point during is campaign speech at the rally in the Bojangle's Coliseum

Photo: Alamy

President Trump addressed various parental concerns at the Moms for Liberty Joyful Warriors Summit Friday. He spoke out against “Biden’s heartless school closures” and reaffirmed his opposition to mask and vaccine mandates. 

In 2020, The New York Times criticized President Trump for not implementing mask mandates.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump also stated in 2020, “I don’t believe I’d ever do a mandated vaccine.”

In March, RSBN reported that the 45th president strongly opposes funding schools that impose mask and vaccine mandates. 

Now, President Trump has once again affirmed that promise. He declared at the Joyful Warriors Summit, “I will not give one penny to any institution that has a vaccine mandate or mask mandate, from kindergarten through college.”

He added, “I have opposed mandates from Day One.”

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