Trump tells Republicans how to beat Democrats, predicts ‘red wave’ in 2022

President Donald Trump spoke before Republicans during the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) dinner in Tampa, Fla. last week, predicting that a “massive red wave” will sweep the Congress in 2022 if Republicans do their jobs.

“I stand before you this evening to say that if we do our jobs, and if we stick together, then exactly one year from today, we are going to be watching a massive red wave sweep across this county, and we are going to be celebrating the election of the largest House Republican majority in American history,” Trump told the Republicans.

President Trump warned the Republican Party during the NRCC dinner that they need to do their jobs if they want to defeat the vulnerable Democrat Party in the 2022 midterm elections.

He continued, “What we saw last week was just the beginning—in Virginia, New Jersey, Seattle, and very importantly, Ohio with the election of Mike Carey to Congress last week.”

Trump reminded attendees that the Republicans, who won sweeping election victories across the country earlier this month, would have lost had he not encouraged his supporters to vote. He pledged his support to numerous Republicans, whom he has noted would not have won without his support. Trump again vowed to oust RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) from the party.

Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, who Trump endorsed this summer, won an upset victory over Democrat former Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, a state that went to Joe Biden by 10 points during the 2020 presidential race. In New Jersey’s gubernatorial election, Republican Jack Ciattarelli narrowly lost to Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy in a race that was not expected to be even remotely close.

Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin (left) defeated Democrat former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (right) in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.

In Seattle, Republican Ann Davison defeated extremist Democrat Nicole Thomas-Kennedy in the cities attorney election, which has not gone Republican since 1989. In Ohio, Republican Mike Carey defeated Democrat Allison Russo in the state’s special election for the U.S. House in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.

Trump told the Republican attendees that the Democrat Party is a “house of cards ready to come tumbling down,” telling the Republican Party that they need to unify if they want to win.

“Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the entire radical Democrat Party are headed for a political meltdown of unprecedented proportions,” said Trump. “If Republicans can stick together, we can beat them in deep blue cities and states, and we can beat them anywhere—but we must stay unified. If we are united, we will end Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all.”

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