Trump to the American youth: ‘You are the generation that is going to stand up and save American freedom’

President Donald Trump called on the youth of America during an inspiring speech delivered in Tampa, Florida, Saturday at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit.

“You’re the rising stars who are going to turn back the tide of American decline,” Trump said. “You are the generation that is going to stand up and save American freedom.”

He added that young people “love common sense” and touted Turning Point’s “more than 3,000 chapters” of the “smartest and bravest young conservatives in America.”

Trump delivered remarks on Saturday night in Tampa at the Student Action Summit.

Trump applauded the organization’s patriotic students who are “on the front lines of a momentous struggle that will determine the future of America.”

The 45th president also pointed out that before he took office as president, “nobody knew how corrupt [the establishment] was – I think I taught them!”

Trump further discussed issues like the war in Ukraine, censorship, and the “climate crisis hoax.” Trump stated, “If debate can be silenced, if dissent can be suppressed, if conservative ideas can be systematically shut down, then, very simply, we do not have a free country.”  

The Student Action Summit was filled to the brim with thousands of eager young patriots, with many reporting that there was standing room only in the auditorium. Trump inspired the students attending by lifting them up as “young, courageous, freedom-loving patriots of America who will once again lead the way to greatness.”

“As long as we are confident and united,” he concluded, “the tyrants we are fighting do not stand a chance.”

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