Trump torches Bill Barr: ‘NO GUTS NO GLORY’

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump scorched former Attorney General Bill Barr after his testimony during the Jan. 6 public hearings.

In a statement released Monday on Truth Social, Trump said, “Former A.G. Bill Barr, a RINO if there ever was one, didn’t have the courage or stamina to go after voter fraud – Was afraid he was going to be impeached.”

Trump made his message to Barr very clear Monday, saying, “NO GUTS, NO GLORY!!!”

During Monday’s Jan. 6 hearing, Barr expressed his opinion on the 2020 election, denying any evidence of voter fraud, Fox News reported. Describing Trump’s belief in voter fraud issues during the presidential election, Barr said, “I thought, ‘Boy, if he really believes this stuff, he has lost contact with, he’s become detached from reality if he really believes this stuff.'”

According to CNBC, Barr claimed, “After the election, he didn’t seem to be listening.”

Trump’s rebuke of his former attorney general is not the first time the 45th president has expressed his disapproval of Barr. In March, Trump said Barr was “so afraid of being impeached, that he went to the other side and they left him alone.”

After the first public hearing of the Jan. 6 Committee last week, Trump described Barr as “a weak and frightened Attorney General.”

In another statement on Truth Social, the 45th president blasted the Jan. 6 Committee for refusing to discuss the mounting evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

He wrote, “Does anybody notice that the Unselect Committee refuses to discuss or debate, in any way, shape, or form, the many irrefutable types of Election Fraud and Irregularities found in the 2020 Election?” Trump explained the committee is doing this because they have “zero chance of winning that debate.”

As the Jan. 6 Committee continues to investigate the 45th president, Republicans have pointed out that the Democrats are using these public hearings to distract from the host of problems currently facing the United States. As Trump stated on Truth Social, “So sad to see our Country falling apart!”

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