Trump touts ability to negotiate ‘great deals’ with China

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

President Trump discussed his foreign policy in depth during a recent interview with Fox News Host Mark Levin.

He expressed frustrations about the Biden administration’s mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, and how that led other world leaders to take advantage of the situation.

President Trump stated, “We were gonna get out with dignity and strength.” He described the “embarrassment” of the faulty withdrawal and how this “emboldened” Russia and China when speaking on the Full Send Podcast last week, via RSBN.

Now that he is promoting his new book “Letters to Trump,” which compiles a collection of letters from world leaders and celebrities, he is revealing how he developed close relationships with world leaders in order to present American leadership in a strong, thriving light. 

President Trump candidly described his foreign policy, stating, “The tougher they were, the better I got along with them.”

He noted that when he was in office he was able to personally reach out to world leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping. Although President Trump’s China policy included imposing tariffs on imports from the nation, he explained that there was no threat of nuclear war when he was in office.

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues to heat up, talk of nuclear war abounds and President Trump blames that on a lack of proper leadership in the U.S. He admitted, “We have a leader that just doesn’t know what’s going on.”

He described how American politicians “talk tough when they should be nice and talk nice when they should be tough,” which is causing serious problems that could lead to our nation’s end. 

President Trump noted how far away the next election is, but that he had “great deals” with China. His bid for reelection is centered on getting the country back on track. 

When he was in office, he negotiated a massive trade deal, per the American Action Forum, which increased American exports, decreased forced technology transfers, and also offered more transparency from the Chinese government. 

He linked these successes with his ability to establish relationships with other world leaders. President Trump explained how he invited the Chinese president to Mar-a-Lago to spend a weekend with him, which aided him in keeping Chinese tariffs in place, an advantage which Trump said, “got $28 billion dollars for our farmers.” 

The 45th president said that China had been taking advantage of weak ties and that they were “raping” Americans with unconstrained relations when he arrived in office. He also described how no politicians were combating this, but he was able to step in and work with the Chinese president to improve the situation. 

He said, “It was peace through strength. I would say that they viewed us as a strong country.”

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