Trump touts commanding lead over Biden during Ohio rally

by Samantha Flom

Photo: Alamy

President Donald J. Trump touted his latest poll numbers Saturday night while speaking before thousands of Buckeye State supporters.

“A poll just came out – did you see it?” Trump asked the crowd at a Save America rally in Youngstown. “I’m 18 points up on Biden.”

As the crowd cheered, the president added, “Who the hell wouldn’t be?”

Trump has consistently led the field as the preferred 2024 Republican nominee in prospective presidential polls and his numbers have only gone up following the August FBI raid on his home.

He also continues to dominate Joe Biden among likely voters.

Noting Saturday that he won Ohio “in two landslides,” Trump urged his supporters to give Republican J.D. Vance a landslide as well in his bid for the U.S. Senate.

Vance, after receiving Trump’s prized endorsement, battled his way through a crowded field of Republicans to secure the nomination. In November, he will face off against Democrat Tim Ryan for the seat.

Praising Vance as an “America First warrior,” the president touted the candidate’s credentials, stating, “J.D. is a former Marine, highly respected, a Yale-educated lawyer, and a brilliant mind who will make Ohio proud.” 

Also emphasizing the importance of the upcoming election, Trump shared his optimistic vision for the outcome of the election.

“The entire MAGA movement is for J.D. Vance,” he noted. “And when J.D. wins this November, you’re going to hear wailing from every corporate newsroom in New York in Washington, and you’re going to hear Cryin’ Chuck Schumer howling with rage because J.D. Vance is going to clinch the Senate for the Republicans.”

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