Trump TROLLS DeSantis-Newsom debate: ‘BATTLE OF LOSERVILLE’

2C8AB2R U.S. President Donald Trump addresses supporters at the Keep America Great Rally in the North Charleston Coliseum February 28 2020 in North Charleston, South Carolina.

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President Donald Trump took to Truth Social Thursday evening to troll this week’s Fox News debate between Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., and Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., calling it the “BATTLE OF LOSERVILLE.”

The debate between the two well-known governors came at a curious time, as Gov. DeSantis’s polling has sunk to increasingly cratering lows in the GOP presidential primary election. Moreover, as far as anyone knows, Gov. Gavin Newsom is not running for president in 2024.

In fact, Newsom glibly remarked during the Thursday night debate, “There’s one thing in closing that we have in common…neither of us will be the nominee for our party in 2024.”

According to the latest data from HarrisX in the 2024 Republican primary race, President Trump holds a jaw-dropping 59-point lead among GOP voters nationwide. With Trump holding 68 percent of the prospective vote next year, DeSantis netted only nine percent of support to secure the runner-up position in their poll.

President Trump shared a video titled “BATTLE OF LOSERVILLE” on Truth Social, resoundingly mocking the debate in a satirical rendition of questions between Gov. Newsom and Gov. DeSantis.

The first question voiced over Hannity’s clip was, “Have you ever betrayed the greatest president who ever lived, President Donald J. Trump?”

The satire fictionally portrayed Newsom as replying, “No,” while DeSantis remarked, “What kind of a question is that? What the hell?”

The second satirical question poked fun at DeSantis’s recent “Bootgate,” press nightmare, whereby online users speculated that the Florida governor had been utilizing lifts in his boots to allegedly appear taller.

“You know what, my wife bought me those lifts, and I happen to like them, okay?” the satire-version of DeSantis responded in the video.

The video’s Newsom deadpanned, “He’s even using a stepstool – I can see it from over here.”

It is unclear if Gov. DeSantis’s debate with Newsom will provide him with any sort of polling boost headed into the Iowa caucuses in just a few weeks when the 2024 Republican primary will take flight.

President Trump is the strongest candidate so far, with HarrisX’s polling data demonstrating that the 45th president is up powerfully in general election polling, as well as the GOP primary.

Trump is also up over Joe Biden and Independent presidential candidate (and former Democrat candidate) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. by seven points nationwide. The ticket is largely expected to be split between those three candidates – and Trump’s odds are looking better than ever.

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