Trump-Tucker interview on its way to 100 MILLION views as GOP candidates squabble on debate stage

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson on X is setting a historic precedent for the way that media is shared and distributed in the face of the 2024 presidential election.

On Wednesday night, a slate of GOP presidential primary candidates took the first debate stage of the 2024 election cycle in Milwaukee, garnering meager views compared to the overwhelmingly dominant viewership of Trump’s interview with Carlson.

Just over an hour after posting on X, Trump’s interview had earned more than 78 million views and counting – well on its way to crossing the 100 million mark this week.

RSBN previously reported that the interview racked up a staggering 40 million views within the first 20 minutes of Carlson’s posting.

The president fielded many questions on a wide variety of topics, discussing his latest indictment in Georgia (he will be arraigned on Thursday) and addressing what his top priority would be in 2025 as president again, which is securing the southern border.

Carlson noted that “they could indict you 20 times and you’re not going to lose the Republican primary,” highlighting how the president’s polling position continually increases with each legal filing.

Trump also slammed Biden, commenting, “I think he’s worse mentally than he is physically, and physically, he’s not exactly a triathlete.”

President Trump’s strategy on Wednesday to upstage the GOP primary debate appears to have been unquestionably successful.

The internet was ablaze as countless users shared the interview on their social media feeds, and taking the punch out of the first presidential debate of the year, which the Trump campaign has facetiously called a “Vice Presidential Debate.”

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