Trump urges Americans to support TRUTH SOCIAL to help save the nation

2X02960 In this photo illustration, a Truth Social logo is displayed on a smartphone with Truth Social Donald Trump Account in the background.

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President Donald Trump has undoubtedly scored a big win with his free speech platform, Truth Social, on the heels of a historic merger between his media company, TMTG, and Digital World Acquisition Corp.

RSBN previously reported that the merger boosted Trump’s net worth by billions of dollars, sending him soaring past some of the world’s richest men, like Georgia Soros and Mark Cuban.

Now, Truth Social, under the umbrella of TMTG, has become a publicly traded company (DJT) and is poised to expand exponentially – a point that President Trump is touting during a critical election year.

He wrote on the platform, “I am so proud of Truth Social, because I believe it represents the Make America Great Again Movement, and it shows the Spirit and Love of our Country.”

He added, “If people who believe in putting America First and want to Make America Great Again, support TRUTH, we will be your Voice like never before, and a Real Voice is what our Country needs, because we are in decline, and must bring America to Greatness.”

Trump’s stock, DJT, initially burst onto the Nasdaq exchange with soaring share prices, swelling upward of $9 billion in market value in its first week. This showed great potential for where the company will be able to go, long-term.

In early April, TMTG filed a 10-K report, which showed that the company had zero debt, along with $200 million on hand. While naysayers have poked fun at Truth Social over the past two years, it doesn’t appear that they will be laughing for long.

“We intend to take full advantage of these opportunities to make Truth Social the quintessential free-speech platform for the American people,” said TMTG CEO Devin Nunes upon the report’s publication.

President Trump encouraged Americans to use their voice on Truth Social, touting it as a pathway toward achieving victory for the country.  He concluded, “Think of this as a Movement, the Greatest Movement in the History of our Country. We are going to Save our Country, and Make America Great Again, GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE!”

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