Trump urges Ohioans to get out and VOTE for Mike Carey, an ‘America First Patriot’

President Trump is lending his support to Mike Carey, Ohio Republican candidate for Congress, lauding him as an “America First Patriot” who will fight against establishment politicians like Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the “rest of the Communist Democrats trying to destroy America.”

On Tuesday, Americans will hit the polls for the first time since the 2020 presidential election, casting their votes for state representatives.  Trump was direct, as usual, in his message to MAGA supporters in his statement about the Tuesday election:

“Mike, who already won his primary election by a large margin, is going to close out the race tomorrow and he will win big, but only if MAGA Votes Big. Don’t leave anything up to chance. We need Mike in Congress to fight against Crazy Nancy Pelosi, AOC +3, and the rest of the Communist Democrats trying to destroy America. Mike has a brilliant future, loves Ohio, and will represent you well. Please, get out and Vote for Mike Carey!”

Carey, a staunch Trump supporter and Washington “outsider” who served in the Army National Guard, also has an extensive background as an executive in the American energy industry. His campaign states:

“Mike believes that we have enough politicians in Washington who are willing to take a knee or cave just to get a campaign check. Mike stood with President Trump when he took on the political establishment and said NO MORE – Drain the swamp…Mike will fight like hell to make sure our communities are not left behind. He knows that America first policies – lowering taxes, cutting red tape, demanding fair trade deals, and investing in our military and first responders – worked and led to the greatest economy of our lifetimes.”

In June, President Trump announced his initial endorsement of Carey, purporting him as a courageous fighter for the people. “[He’s] strong on the Border, and tough on Crime,” Trump said. “As a veteran, he totally supports our Military and his fellow Vets. A strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Mike will do an outstanding job in Congress. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By contrast, Joe Biden waited until the last minute to endorse Carey’s Democrat adversary in the congressional race, Allison Russo. “Biden is a leader who understands how important it is that we deliver for Ohio,” she stated. However, in light of Biden’s catastrophically unsecured border crisis, a humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, tyrannical vaccine mandates, and a serious supply chain going into the holidays, Biden’s endorsement may not mean much.

With Trump’s support, Mike Carey is poised to win a congressional seat for Ohio, as long as conservative voters show up to the polls and cast their votes on Nov. 2.  

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