Trump urges Republicans to ‘be smart’ on abortion issue and look toward ‘Greatest Victory of all’

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President Donald Trump has a lot of experience with winning, and in 2024, he is doing everything he can to spread a message of forward-looking victory as the leader of the Republican Party.

On Monday morning, the president released a policy video reiterating his stance on the controversial issue of abortion, sticking to the same position he has always had on the three exceptions (rape, incest, and the life of the mother), and urging national support for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and fertility treatments for prospective parents.

He also emphasized that abortion is a states’ rights issue now that federal protections for abortion have been terminated, thanks to his appointment of three U.S. Supreme Court justices who contributed to overturning the longstanding law of the land, Roe v. Wade, in 2022.

After his announcement, Trump followed up his statement in a series of Truth Social posts that reminded Republicans to keep their eye on the prize: winning the general election in November.

“Be smart, Republicans, don’t be distracted, we’ve had a Great Victory, and now we’re going to have the Greatest Victory of all, the Presidential Election of 2024!” he wrote.

Trump also pushed back against South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), who voiced his opposition to Trump’s statement that abortion was a state’s right issue, according to Fox News.

Trump explained, “Senator Lindsey Graham is doing a great disservice to the Republican Party, and to our Country… what he doesn’t understand, or perhaps he does, is the Radical Left Democrats, who are destroying our Country, will never approve anything that he or the Republicans want.”

The president also explained that the far left would be willing to use the issue of abortion to further stoke the flames of division in this country “for as long as Republicans will allow them to do so.”

He also slammed Republicans like Sen. Graham and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America Marjorie Dannenfelser for failing to energize and motivate the Republican Party to vote and win elections after the victory he handed them with the termination of Roe v. Wade.

Trump stated, “Then they were gone, never to be heard from again, until now. We cannot let our Country suffer any further damage by losing Elections on an issue that should always have been decided by the States, and now will be!”

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