Trump urges supporters to join Truth Social

2H49AW6 Truth social media on smartphone. TRUTH Social is America?s ?Big Tent? social media platform owned by Donald Trump

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump wrote a Truth Saturday urging his supporters to join Truth Social.

Addressing the MAGA community, Trump wrote, “Truth Social is OUR VOICE.” While other social media platforms deliberately censor conservative opinions, Truth Social allows Americans to exercise free speech.

Trump explained, “The Radical Left Lunatics are doing everything possible to cancel our America First message, but TRUTH is carrying the banner, and carrying it proudly and well.”

As more Americans have become increasingly aware of Big Tech’s censorship in recent months, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have experienced a sharp decline. On the other hand, Truth Social has experienced a surge in users as people worldwide continue to look for pro-free speech social media platforms.

After the FBI’s raid on Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago in August, Truth Social experienced a 550 percent increase in downloads. Trump released a statement, saying, “The Fake News Media is devastated by how well TRUTH is doing so, quite on cue, they are working overtime to criticize and demean it. They said it is doing worse since the Raid, but actually it is doing MUCH better, up more than 550%. We all love TRUTH!”

Despite efforts by Democrats, the Justice Department, the FBI, and Big Tech to censor and “cancel” the 45th president’s America First message, Trump’s MAGA movement continues to grow and gain support. Truth Social has provided an avenue for Trump to connect directly with the American people.

The 45th president is now encouraging his supporters, “JOIN TRUTH TODAY. MAGA!!!”

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