Trump vows to ‘fix’ Biden’s mess ‘FAST’

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President Donald Trump vowed Tuesday morning to “fix” Joe Biden’s mess “fast” as he called out the “disaster” created in the Middle East.

Trump took to Truth Social Tuesday to call out Biden’s issues within the Middle East as tensions between Israel and Hamas have continued to escalate since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on the Jewish country.

“Weak Joe Biden is only now scrambling to fix the DISASTER he created in the Middle East because he’s afraid of losing the Election. He is an incompetent person who chose to fund Iranian Terror with our Tax Dollars. We HAD Peace in the Middle East, and we can have it again, but it won’t be with Joe Biden in office,” Trump wrote.

He continued, “NO NEW WARS WHEN I WAS PRESIDENT – A FIRST IN MODERN HISTORY! NO MORE WARS. NO MORE TERROR. NO MORE CIVILIANS DYING. NONE OF THIS SHOULD EVER HAVE HAPPENED. It’s all because of Weak Biden’s INCOMPETENCE. I will fix his mess, and bring Peace to ALL Parties once again, and we’ll get it done FAST!”

Within the last few weeks, Biden has described to the public how his administration was outlining a truce proposal that Israel made and passed along to Hamas leaders. However, in recent reports, an Israeli senior official stated that Biden’s description of the plan was “not accurate,” according to NBC News.

The senior official told the outlet that the country had not agreed to fully withdraw troops from Gaza within the deal to free the remaining hostages held by Hamas.

“Israel has not changed its conditions to reach a permanent cease-fire. That will only happen after our objectives are met, including destroying Hamas’ military and governing capabilities,” a senior official told the outlet.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu additionally pushed back on Biden’s urge for Hamas to accept a peace deal, emphasizing that the war won’t end unless Hamas is destroyed, according to an interview with NBC News.

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