Trump warns against the dangers of Covid mandates: ‘Our country is a tinderbox’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump warned against the dangers of Covid mandates, saying that “you can [only] push people so far,” during a Saturday interview on “Fox and Friends.”

While discussing the jaw-dropping Freedom Convoys happening in Canada right now, which aim to pressure lawmakers to drop vaccine passports and restrictions, Trump turned the conversation to the Covid mandates in the United States. He added, “Our country is a tinderbox, too, don’t kid yourself.”

Trump added that if you compare the Covid mandates and the people’s growing frustrations with the restrictions between Canada and the United States, Americans are getting close to taking peaceful action to end the tyranny, too. Trump stated, “When you look at what’s happening in Canada, our country, I think, is far more of a tinderbox.”

The Freedom Convoys in Canada have set up a blockade around Parliament in Ottawa, and they are blocking U.S.-Canada border access points in places like Coutts, the Ambassador Bridge, and Vancouver to protest requiring truck drivers carrying goods over the border to provide proof of Covid vaccination.

President Trump’s interview on “Fox and Friends,” which touched on Ukraine, the economy, and Covid mandates.

As previously reported by RSBN, the protests in Canada have remained peaceful, organized, and highly effective. Both the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario have recently announced that they will be dropping many Covid restrictions in victories for proponents of individual liberty.

President Trump’s comments about the “tinderbox” of Americans who are fed up with the tyranny of Covid restrictions is timely, given the slow but steady rise of civilians who will soon be putting the rubber to the road in their quest to reclaim the fire of individual liberty.

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