Trudeau to crack down on protesters, reports say

by Summer Lane

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will reportedly crack down on the Freedom Convoys sweeping his nation by invoking “never-before-used” powers from the Emergencies Act, according to a CBC report.

Trudeau, who fled Ottawa in light of the peaceful, but powerful, Freedom Convoy trucker protests around Parliament, has emerged periodically over the past few weeks to criticize the freedom-loving protesters. Trudeau has referred to the truckers and protesters as a “fringe minority,” and even made the assertion that they were racists, despite no evidence of this whatsoever.

However, Trudeau’s reported move to inform Canadian premiers that he will invoke the Emergencies Act has been countered by other reporting that Trudeau said there were no plans to deploy military forces to halt protesters in Canadian cities and at the U.S.-Canada border. It begs the question of what it really means to invoke the Emergencies Act.

According to the act itself (R.S.C., 1985. c. 22), “the taking of special temporary measures to ensure safety and security during national emergencies and to amend other Acts in consequence thereof,” is authorized if invoked. Additionally, the act states that the fulfillment of these obligations may occur if the country is “seriously threatened by a national emergency.”

Despite the insinuation that the Emergencies Act may be invoked in the event of a “national emergency,” the Freedom Convoys and jaw-dropping organic protests that have sprung up across Canada and at U.S.-Canada border access points have not been violent or chaotic.

In fact, truckers have been seen cleaning up the cities where they are parked, throwing away trash and litter, and unifying the people under a banner of peaceful and respectful protestation, as previously reported by RSBN.

Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel reacts to Trudeau’s move to invoke the Emergencies Act.

Despite Trudeau’s latest reported plan to invoke the Emergencies Act, there have been major victories for the truckers who are pushing for rollbacks on Covid regulations. RSBN reported on Monday that the Canadian province of Alberta announced it would be ending its Covid restrictions, and Ontario revealed this week that it would be doing the same.

Prime Minister Trudeau may attempt to squash the peaceful protesters with more “emergency” powers, but Canadians have made it clear that they are in the fight for freedom for the long haul. Trudeau’s move to tap into emergency powers appears to signal a last-ditch effort to avoid acquiescing to the will of the people.

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