Trump warns media not giving accurate toll of Ukraine war 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump sends out a warning to Americans that the media is not giving out an accurate toll of the fatalities in the Ukraine war. 

The Daily Wire reported that during an interview this week with Fox News host Sean Hannity, President Trump issued a somber warning that the social media platforms were not painting an accurate picture of what’s happening with the Ukraine war.

President Trump warned, “You have cities with no buildings standing. It looks like just a demolition zone. It’s so horrible and, you know, and then they’ll say two people were hurt,”

President Trump explained that social media users are being deceived and the war is being downplayed. President Trump told Hannity, “No. Hundreds of people and thousands of people were killed. You’re gonna find out when this whole thing is over that the number of people killed is far greater than they tell you.”

He warned Americans not to believe everything the media tells them, “They’re not telling you the truth. Many, many thousands, hundreds of thousands of people are dying. Their cities are being obliterated.” 

President Trump isn’t the only one to accuse the U.S. media of downplaying the war and a lack of reporting. Vivek Ramaswamy, GOP presidential candidate, slammed U.S. media in a tweet this week over Biden’s plan to send U.S. troops to fight in Ukraine

Ramaswamy wrote, “It’s downright disturbing that U.S. media is ignoring the fact that Biden is ordering *3,000* members of the Selected Reserve or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) to Europe ‘for the effective conduct of Operation Atlantic Resolve.'”

Disappointed in the Biden administration and mainstream media, Ramaswamy also wrote, “What is the justification now? What are the operations? Where will they go? What will they do? We need answers, not sweeping this under the rug as @JoeBiden would prefer,” highlighting how the U.S. media has pretty much ignored reporting this to the American public.  

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