TRUMP: ‘We have the people on our side’

In a Sunday interview with Mark Levin while promoting his new book, “Our Journey Together,” President Trump lauded the support of the American people.

Commenting on the “red wave” of conservative political victories last month in the state of Virginia, which netted Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin a major win in the gubernatorial race and flipped the state red for the first time since 2009, he said, “We have things to do, but it’s [good things] going to happen,” Trump said.

“I believe we have the people on our side…I think we have a large majority,” he added firmly.

When Mark Levin asked if the Virginia election results were a reaction to the radical leftist policies of the Biden Administration, pointing out divisive ideologies being pushed like Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the military and in schools, Trump replied that “President Obama was very divisive, but people were more quiet about it. They didn’t want to insult him, but he was very divisive…the Biden Administration is far worse.”

In November, the gubernatorial race was a major win for conservatism, but that’s not the only race where Republicans finished victorious. The House of Delegates race in Virginia flipped several House seats red, and Democrats were forced to concede the majority to Republicans, signaling what many are hoping is a continuing trend as 2022 midterms creep closer.

“We had an election,” Trump told Levin, regarding the Virginia election. “[I] was very helpful. In fact, the new governor of Virginia, called up early in the morning after the election to thank me, we were very helpful…look, the MAGA people, the people who support Trump, came out in force.”

President Trump’s first post-White House book, “Our Journey Together” was the main subject of Levin’s interview, reflecting on Trump’s time in the Oval Office.

If the American people continue to show up to elections with passion and purpose going into the 2022 midterms and, possibly, into the 2024 presidential election – with many hoping to see a Trump presidential bid – it is likely that Republicans will continue to sweep political races across the country.

Trump continued, “We have to get back to borders, we have to get back to free enterprise, and we need a press that’s fair and equal.” With the “people on our side,” as Trump stated, there would be little that the Republican party couldn’t accomplish going into 2022.

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