Trump: ‘When I was your president, we had PEACE through STRENGTH’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Courtesy of the Trump Campaign

President Trump called attention to the peace and prosperity that reigned in America during his time in the White House, contrasting his success against the violent and chaotic failures of Joe Biden’s absent leadership.

President Trump declared, “When I was your president, we had PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH. Now we have weakness, conflict, and chaos. The atrocities we are witnessing in Israel would NEVER have happened if I was president.”

The president’s comments were made on Monday in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, at a campaign event ahead of the rapidly approaching primary season.

The president addressed the violent war that has broken out in the Middle East between Hamas terrorists and Israel, noting that when he was president, not only did he withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, he also imposed sanctions on the country. He also implemented a travel ban that kept terrorists “the hell out of our country.”

“Joe Biden undid it – he undid it ALL,” Trump derided.

He added that Biden had given billions of dollars “to the world’s top sponsor of terror, tossing Israel to the bloodthirsty terrorists and jihadists.”

Most chillingly, President Trump pointed out that “tens of thousands of probable terrorists” have poured into America over the unsecured southern border. While he vowed that a horrific attack like what happened in Israel “will never be allowed to happen on American soil,” he tempered his comment that “we’ve got to be careful” considering the potential terror contingencies that could be waiting dormant domestically.

“There’s something going on and we’ve got to be careful,” Trump explained.

The president pointed out that “less than four years ago, we had PEACE in the Middle East, but today, there is war in Israel.

“…It’s going to spread very quickly,” he warned. “…What a difference a President makes!

The 45th president pledged that when he was in the White House again, “the ENTIRE WORLD will know that America’s strong, [that] America’s SAFE…we’ve got to take CARE of our country.”

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