Trump will screen new movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ next week at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

With the release of the upcoming movie Sound of Freedom, President Trump will be hosting a screening of the movie at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster next week.

The movie Sound of Freedom addresses the hard-hitting subject of human trafficking in America. The plot of the movie tells the real-life story of former federal agent Tim Ballard who spent his career working on child trafficking cases. 

President Trump will be screening the movie to highlight the growing problem of human trafficking in America. This isn’t a new concern of President Trump, who has been fighting human trafficking for years. RSBN reported that human trafficking in the U.S. had grown by an alarming 50 percent over the past year. 

In 2018, President Trump became the first president to join the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. He then went on to sign an executive order in 2020 on Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States, making him the first American president to do this. 

Human trafficking in the country is at a high, especially with recent reports of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta platforms being linked to human trafficking. RSBN reported that Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is currently spearheading the investigation into Zuckerberg’s Meta. 

The director of the movie, Alejandro Monteverde, hopes that this movie will inspire people to fight against human trafficking. Fox News reported what Monteverde said at the movie’s premiere, “I hope this movie really only begins when you all leave the theater.”

Monteverde hopes that the movie will resonate with viewers, compelling them to want to join the fight against human trafficking.

“We’re in the back end right now building the landing pads because eventually, when they start wondering what to do, here we are. Here’s some options, here’s some resources, here’s some opportunities for you to rise up, get loud, intervene, do what you need to do to help us end this horrific plague that is affecting so many millions of children.” 

Monteverde via Fox News on how Sound of Freedom can bring awareness to the human trafficking crisis.

The screening at Trump National Golf Club will be open to club members and supporters. 

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