Trump’s ballot box prediction for Biden

by Lauren Bratton

President Trump drilled down on the crisis at the southern border during his second “Get Out the Vote Rally” on Saturday.

He told the crowd that one of his first actions when he returns to the Oval Office would be “to SEAL THE BORDER and STOP THE INVASION of our country.”

He pointedly declared to the standing-room-only crowd in Richmond, Virginia, “Let there be no doubt: This is JOE BIDEN’S INVASION.”

He made clear that the goal of the Democrat Party was to sign up the illegal aliens to vote in the upcoming election but added that they “don’t really need that because what they do is they just use blank ballots.

Trump blasted Biden for “giving aid and comfort to the foreign enemies of the United States,” but noted that he would “be judged and convicted by the American People” at the ballot box in November.

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