Trump’s legal team secures MAJOR victory in Colorado as judge smacks down 14th Amendment challenge

by Grace Saldana

Photo courtesy of the Trump campaign

A Colorado judge has ruled against a liberal watchdog group’s 14th Amendment challenge to President Donald Trump’s ballot eligibility, awarding a major win to the 45th president and American voters.

District Judge Sarah Wallace handed down a ruling Friday night, stating that although she agrees that Trump “incited” the Jan. 6 Capitol protests, the wording of the 14th Amendment does not apply specifically to the office of the president, The Hill reported.

Wallace’s decision ruled on a case brought by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and a handful of Republican and Independent voters who sought to remove President Trump from the ballot in Colorado on the basis that he is an “insurrectionist.”

Although not the first rejection of a 14th Amendment challenge to Trump’s ballot eligibility, the Colorado ruling “is another nail in the coffin of the un-American ballot challenges,” Steven Cheung, a Trump spokesperson, stated in response.

Recalling the latest court victories, Cheung wrote, “With this decision, Democrats’ 14th Amendment challenges have now been defeated in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and New Hampshire.”

Moreover, President Trump also secured a resounding triumph in October when the United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal filed by John Anthony Castro seeking to disqualify Trump using the 14th Amendment. The court’s rejection of the case upholds a ruling from the lower court that found Castro’s case lacked standing.

Similarly, a judge in Florida struck down a 14th Amendment challenge brought against Trump by a tax attorney because, “an individual citizen does not have standing to challenge whether another individual is qualified to hold public office,” The Hill reported.

Despite weak legal challenges and many other lawsuits being thrown at President Trump, supporters are not dissuaded and neither is Trump’s campaign.

Trump’s spokesman wrote, “The American voter has a Constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choosing, with President Donald J. Trump leading by massive numbers.” He continued, “This right was correctly preserved in Colorado today and we urge the swift disposal of any and all remaining Democrat ballot challenges.”

In closing, Cheung said, “Onward to total victory in 2024, we will Make America Great Again!”

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