Trump’s promise to ‘prevent WW3’ shines as GOP nominees argue about Ukraine on debate stage

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

During the second GOP debate Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan Library, Fox Business moderators asked the Republican nominees their thoughts regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and former Governor Nikki Haley, R-S.C., advocated for the U.S. to have a more definitive stance in the war, with Scott even championing an “attack on NATO territory.”

“So at the end of the day, when you think about the fact that you want to keep American troops at home, an attack on NATO territory would bring us and our troops in,” stated Scott.  

However, newcomer Vievek Ramaswsamy and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis both pushed back on America’s continued involvement in the war. While DeSantis promised that it was in his “interest to end this war,” Ramaswamy pointed out that Ukraine might not be “good.”

“The reality is just because…Putin’s an evil dictator does not mean that Ukraine is good,” Ramaswamy stated.

While Haley made sure to note that “a win for Russia is a win for China,” amidst Ramaswamy rebuttal, no candidate on the GOP debate stage was able to state that they would be preventing World War Three regarding the war in Ukraine.

Slamming the Biden administration’s involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war, Trump said during a rally earlier this year, “What they’ve done to our country is unthinkable, it’s unthinkable.”

“I am the only candidate who can make this promise, I will prevent World War Three,” Trump has stated on many occasions.

His stance continues to stand out among the field of 2024 GOP candidates due to his successful foreign policy record and clear confidence that he can end the bloody war. Other candidates cannot say the same.

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