Trump’s Secret Service beef up security ahead of NRA speech on Friday

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s Secret Service security is strengthening protective measures for the 45th president ahead of his anticipated remarks at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual convention. According to a report from Just the News, all firearms, as well as knives, pepper spray, and even toy guns will be banned during Trump’s speech.

The move to intensify security precautions for President Trump comes on the heels of a horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman opened fire in a classroom at Robb Elementary School, killing 19 children and two teachers.

Following the shooting, President Trump revealed on Wednesday that he would be keeping his commitment to speaking at the NRA’s summit.

“America needs real solutions and real leadership in this moment, not politicians or partisanship,” he wrote in a post shared to Truth Social. “That’s why I will keep my longtime commitment to speak in Texas at the NRA Convention and deliver an important address to America,” he continued.

According to the Just the News report, those attending Trump’s Friday speech will be scanned and screened by Secret Service agents. Additionally, the NRA released a statement ahead of the convention, which will be held in Houston:

“Our deepest sympathies are with the families and victims involved in this horrific and evil crime. On behalf of our members we salute the courage of school officials, first responders and others who offered their support and services. Although an investigation is underway and facts are still emerging, we recognize this was the act of a lone, deranged criminal. As we gather in Houston, we will reflect on these events, pray for the victims, recognize our patriotic members, and pledge to redouble our commitment to making our schools secure.”

President Trump further stated on Truth Social, “In the meantime, we all continue to pray for the victims, their families, and for our entire nation – we are all in this together!”

Watch President Trump’s address at the NRA convention on Friday, May 27, 2022, at 3:00 p.m. ET on RSBN.

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