Trump’s TRUTH Social will launch ‘by the end of March,’ says TMTG CEO Devin Nunes

President Donald Trump’s new social media platform TRUTH Social will reportedly “launch by the end of March,” according to Devin Nunes, who is now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG).

The Big Tech alternative is currently undergoing beta testing, and users are already able to sign up now.

TMTG CEO Devin Nunes said that President Trump’s TRUTH Social will be up and running by the end of March.

“If anybody wants to sign up, they can go to and actually sign up now,” Nunes told Newsmax last week. “What we’re doing now is we are in beta testing. We’re expanding that beta test, and we fully expect to launch by the end of March.”

Nunes, who resigned from Congress in January to head TMTG, added the new platform would not affiliate with Big Tech companies who censor free speech.

“We cannot use any of the Big Tech companies,” said Nunes. “We’ve seen what has happened to other small startup companies, and when Amazon decides they don’t like them, they cut them off.”

TRUTH Social will instead partner with alternative platforms like Rumble, which rivals YouTube.

“We’re going to find people that will not cancel us, that want to see the internet back open again for everyone,” said the former congressman.

President Trump first announced the creation of TRUTH Social in October and described it as a free speech social media platform that would “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”

Rumor has it that the app will be similar to the layout of Twitter, however instead of hitting “tweet” when posting a statement, users will press “truth.”

Trump’s social media platform comes over a year after he was banned from all social media platforms.

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