Truth Social joins with Rumble to publish first ads

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President Donald Trump’s successful social media venture, Truth Social, will merge with the video platform Rumble as its very first publisher, per Reuters.

Truth Social, which has positioned itself as a strong competitor to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, launched in February, and caters to users who are tired of the overreaching censorship policies of “Big Tech” websites.

According to Reuters, Truth Social will be Rumble’s first ad publisher, as both free speech platforms work toward disentangling themselves from technological oligarchs who could shut them down.

In an official statement from Rumble, the companies announced that they would be utilizing the Rumble Advertising Center to kickstart ads on Truth Social.

“By partnering with Rumble Ads, Truth Social is poised to displace the Big Tech platforms as a superior venue for businesses to connect with an extraordinarily engaged audience of millions of real people,” stated Devin Nunes, the CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski additionally stated that, “A significant part of the internet is now served through the Rumble ecosystem, which gives advertisers a new place to target customers aligned with our mission to fight back against cancel culture. We look forward to proving the incredible size and performance of this market.”

Truth Social has grown rapidly since its initial launch in February. Currently, the platform is available for web-based use and for iPhone users, and its Android app is available for preorder.

In August, Truth Social experienced a continued boost in growth following the FBI’s unprecedented raid on President Donald Trump’s private home in Palm Beach, Florida. As previously reported by RSBN, Truth Social’s daily downloads exploded by nearly 550 percent as users presumably sought information and statements from the 45th president following the shocking event.

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