Tucker Carlson calls out Chuck Schumer for supporting Jan. 6 insurrection lies

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Tucker Carlson aired unseen video footage of what happened on Jan. 6 at the Capitol building in 2021, on Monday. This stirred harsh criticism and a call for censorship from Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

In response, Carlson called out Schumer for supporting a specific narrative that vilified America First voters. 

He stated, “The media and politicians, the people in charge have talked about Jan. 6 every day since it happened for 26 months. And so at some point, the evidence should be presented to the public.”

Carlson went on to discuss the “fake hearings and show trials” that Schumer supported, and how he decried the truth of this new video evidence. Schumer took to the Senate floor to claim that Americans are now viewing “the most shameful hours we have ever seen on cable television.” 

Schumer stood on the Senate floor Monday, pleading with Fox News and other media networks to cancel Tucker Carlson’s Tuesday night report, which was to air more Jan. 6 information. In response, Carlson stated that “Any information — and he did not dispute that it was accurate — that damages the storyline his party constructed and used must be squelched.”

Carlson noted that the videos displayed were not retouched or altered in any way and that they were approved to be aired by Capitol police. He reported that the police on duty that day were not properly prepared and even interviewed an officer whose calls for backup were ignored.

Despite this, Newsweek has published a list of republicans who have publicly opposed Carlson’s Jan. 6 report, and Stephen Colbert accused Carlson of “gaslighting” his viewers, according to the Huffington Post

But while the mainstream media continues to support the idea that Jan. 6 was an insurrection, Tucker Carlson defended his work: “Those videos touch a nerve because they’re a threat to the lies that Chuck Schumer has been telling for the last 26 months.”

Carlson also called out Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, for additionally asking to censor this footage. He said, “They’re all on the same side!”

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