Tucker talks with Victor Davis Hanson amid Trump’s legal battles: ‘We don’t realize we’re in the middle of a revolution’

by Summer Lane

“Tucker on X” talk show host Tucker Carlson sat down with historian and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson this week to discuss the dilution of equal justice in America as President Donald Trump appeared in court yet again on Monday.  

While explaining why leftists and the government establishment relentlessly attack Trump, Hanson said, “They feel that they’re at a stage now where their agenda does not appeal to 51 percent of the people. They either have to bring in new constituencies or change the system – the entire system of which you’re acculturated to, to retain power. And that’s what they’re willing to do…. anything that’s useful to gain power is considered legitimate. And anything that’s not useful is illegitimate.”

He also added, chillingly, “We’re very naïve, Tucker. We don’t realize that we’re in the middle of a revolution.”

Hanson noted that the revolution was cultural, political, and economic.

Carlson asked Hanson what, then, would stop people from rising up and violently rebelling against such a failing system. The historian replied that there were two things. The first, he described as the “monastery of the mind…people just say, you know what, I’m checking out.”

He described such a person as someone who creates “their own reality” by avoiding the cultural revolution that makes them uncomfortable and tunes out of watching Hollywood movies and sports games, for example.

The second thing, he explained, was that people were “fleeing” left-wing blue states for freer pastures in red states where they could recreate life in America as they “once understood it.”

He added, “So far, that’s kept us kind of viable.”

Hanson further explained that conservatives now have a strategy of speaking up against the cultural and societal revolution. He also highlighted the conservative push to unite behind President Trump as an effort to save the country from falling into tyranny.

“Let’s see what happens in 2024,” he said. “…You’ve got to get control of the political apparatus of the control through elections. And your worry is legitimate – if you can’t do it through fair elections, what do you do?”

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