TUNED OUT: Viewership on Biden’s SOTU speech was dismal, while Trump had BETTER ratings all four years of his presidency

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Joe Biden’s recent State of the Union address drew an estimated 27.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen. This was a drop of 23 percent from last year and was the lowest audience in 30 years. This is in line with Biden’s 41 percent job approval rating.

Not only did Biden have the lowest audience in over three decades, but he also had fewer viewers than President Trump had during each of his addresses to the nation. According to Nielsen, President Trump’s State of the Union addresses from 2017 through 2020 drew 48 million, 45.6 million, 46.8 million, and 37.2 million viewers, respectively.

President Trump’s popularity has not wavered. As a matter of fact, he recently provided play-by-play analysis on Truth Social during Biden’s State of the Union address and delivered his own state of the union video on Truth Social, which garnered more than 50,000 “Likes” and over 14,000 “ReTruths.”

As reported by Right Side Broadcasting Network, President Trump was extremely grateful for the tremendous support he received on Truth Social and the platform’s overall success, stating:

Big night for “TRUTH” last night. Tremendous numbers of people signed on to hear my “Play by Play” of the SOTU Speech…Like I mean Millions and Millions of people, and TRUTH handled the Traffic well. Congrats to Devin Nunes and all of those great technicians and others who make TRUTH Social work. Despite all of the obstacles put in our path by the SEC, others in Government, and the Fake News Media, it is a giant success that reaches massive numbers of people, both Friend & Foe! Thank you!   

President Trump continues to do very well in recent polling, leading all potential Republican contenders.

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