Unstoppable: Trump visits Harlem bodega after wrapping up second day in court

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump proved on Tuesday evening that he is an unstoppable force of nature when it comes to keeping his mission focus on reclaiming the White House in 2024.

Just moments after leaving the second day in court in a Manhattan criminal trial that has threatened to fine him and even potentially put him behind bars, he made his way to a Harlem business where a clerk was robbed and attacked in July 2022.

Trump’s visit to the Harlem “Bodega” was a significant move that acknowledged the importance of such a place in the heart of New York. Trump’s campaign noted that Bodegas “are the backbone of New York City” and that they are frequently open 24 hours, providing working people with access to groceries and food.

In an official campaign statement, Trump’s team stated:

“Today, President Trump will be visiting the New York City bodega where Jose Alba, a New York bodega clerk, was robbed, attacked, and, ultimately, wrongfully accused of murder after being forced to defend his life. President Trump’s visit to one of New York City’s bodegas comes at a time when retail theft is skyrocketing and the New York City police force is on track to fall to its lowest numbers since the 1990s by 2025. Bodegas are a lifeline to underserved communities, and President Trump believes that only by undoing the Democrat party’s soft-on-crime policies can law and order be fully restored to every borough throughout New York City.”

Trump himself is facing prosecution at the hands of the New York justice system and what appears to be a stacked deck of opposition in the courts, so it makes sense that he would want to swing by a place that represents, to many, wrongful prosecution.

It is important to note that Jose Alba later sued Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg – who is currently prosecuting President Trump – for “his role in charging him with second-degree murder and setting bail at $500,000, despite lacking enough evidence,” the campaign pointed out.

Trump’s visit to the Bodega on Tuesday also illustrated the president’s commitment to continuing to campaign despite a tense and arduous trial schedule.

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