President Trump makes a ‘BIG PLAY’ for the Empire State as he’s greeted with pure love in Harlem

by Grace Saldana

President Donald J. Trump showed his executive leadership yet again by stopping at a small bodega in Harlem after the second day of jury selection in the “witch hunt” criminal trial.

As Trump stepped out of a black suburban, he was greeted with overwhelming support from a large crowd of fans chanting “USA” and “TRUMP.” He appeared in good spirits, giving the crowd a wave and joining in with fist pumps as they chanted “FOUR MORE YEARS.”

The crowd response is a warm and welcoming surprise coming from the heart of New York City, which is overrun by Democrats.

In fact, the crowd was so overwhelmingly supportive of the 45th president that their thunderous cheering became impossible to ignore. “WE LOVE TRUMP” chants broke out among the crowd, making it hard to hear him at times as he spoke to reporters.

The adoration Harlem Trump supporters have for President Trump makes one thing unmistakably clear: MAGA is alive and well in New York City.

President Trump railed against the “screwed up” state of New York. “We’re gonna come in and number one, you have to stop crime. We’re going to let police do their job. We’re going to give them back their authority. They have to be able to do their job,” said Trump.

“And we’re going to come into New York. We’re making a BIG PLAY for New York,” he declared.

The bodega Trump visited was where clerk Jose Alba was attacked and robbed by criminals in 2022. Alba fatally stabbed one of his attackers in self-defense and was later arrested and held in Rikers for six days. Eventually, the charges against him were dropped after Alba sued District Attorney Alvin Bragg (who is prosecuting Trump’s hush money case) for charging him with second-degree murder and holding him on a half-million bond while lacking substantial evidence, the Trump campaign said in a statement Tuesday evening.

Trump showed his support for victims of the out-of-control crime that has plagued New York under the control of Democrats like Bragg, who would rather spend their time prosecuting Trump in a sham case than cleaning up the city and making it safe.

Taking a question from RSBN’s Brian Glenn about the city’s rampant late-night crime, Trump responded, “We’ll get it straightened out. We’re going to work with the mayor. We’re going to work with the governor and Democrats – I’ll work with Democrats. We have to straighten out New York.”

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