Unvaccinated troops face losing benefits for not complying with tyrannical vaccine mandates

United States troops who refuse to take the rushed-to-market Covid-19 vaccination could risk losing their veterans’ benefits, which has long been a motivating factor for joining the military for many men and women. This new, tyrannical edict comes from the top, with the Pentagon enforcing a Nov. 22 deadline on troops who will be required to be vaccinated or lose their jobs.

For U.S. veterans, long-term benefits include health care, home loans, and historically, education access, thanks to the G.I. Bill, which was passed shortly after World War II and continues to benefit veterans today. However, these surefire benefits are now on rocky footing, thanks to the unconstitutional violation of bodily autonomy coming from Joe Biden’s administration and the military regime in the Pentagon and the Department of Defense (DOD).

This crackdown on U.S. troops is just one attempt to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine amid a string of attempts across the country, ranging from forced vaccinations at schools to vaccine requirements for healthcare workers.

In a new statement from the White House this week, Joe Biden claimed that vaccine mandates work, and that they are actually “good for the economy.” In light of the ravaged economic climate and catastrophic supply chain crisis raging today, Biden’s claim seems to make no sense at all, especially when thousands – if not millions – of people across the country, including U.S. troops, will soon find themselves jobless because of restrictive coronavirus medical regulations.

“Vaccination requirements are good for the economy,” Biden stated. “They not only increase vaccination rates but they help send people back to work – as many as 5 million American workers. They make our economy more resilient in the face of COVID and keep our businesses open.”

Biden’s short-circuited logic, which pins the blame of economic conditions on unvaccinated Americans rather than on his perceivably poor policies, is inflammatory and out of touch with what many Americans are experiencing, especially American soldiers. Faced with forced discharge, as well as the federal stripping of their hard-earned benefits from their military service, many veterans will soon have to decide if they will comply with Biden and the Pentagon, or if they will step back into the civilian workforce.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., fired off on the issue on Twitter, calling for an end for the abuse on America’s military and veterans. “Religious exemptions must apply,” she said.

Based on the rapidly-approaching Nov. 22 vaccination deadline for the military, it appears that many troops are holding off on their decision, perhaps hoping that the mandates will be reversed. However, even if the vaccine mandates for the military were to be rolled back, the career damage for many veterans would already be done.

What’s next for American soldiers in this never-ending saga of medical tyranny? How far is Joe Biden willing to go to force the troops to receive a vaccine that does not even guarantee full protection against the coronavirus?

Potentially stripping veterans of their hard-earned benefits for non-compliance seems to be a new political low for federal officials, and it remains to be seen what will happen to the thousands of U.S. troops that will potentially take a discharge rather than comply with forced vaccination.

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