Voters REJECT ‘Great Reset Agenda,’ new poll finds

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports has found that a majority of Americans have rejected the “Great Reset” agenda of the Biden administration and believe that the plurality of businesses in America should be focused on profit and consumer service rather than “social justice” and an “environmentalist agenda.”

For many Americans, this probably comes as no surprise amidst a staggeringly depressing economic landscape that has been wrought by Biden’s destructive policies. In fact, according to a previous report from RSBN, a majority of Americans are frustrated with Biden’s tepid response to inflation, which has rocketed to all-time 40-year high.

According to the Rasmussen poll, which was conducted in tandem with the Heartland Institute, 45 percent of “likely” U.S. voters believe that businesses should be providing high quality products and services at “the lowest prices.”

This is a directly opposing approach to economics when compared to what the World Economic Forum (WEF) has labeled, the “Great Reset” movement.

According to the WEF, the Great Reset is a global initiative to redirect the priorities of capitalism and promote new business models and “global commons.” Rasmussen found that although only 29 percent of voters are “familiar with the Great Reset,” of those who were polled who are familiar with it, 52 percent opposed it.

Further, Biden’s America has seen a rash of supply chain shortages across the country, resulting in bare shelves in grocery stores and department stores everywhere. It seems that the economic issues and the rising prices in America have driven many Americans to conclude that wokeness and social justice in U.S. businesses doesn’t actually drive sales or lower product prices.

This poll from Rasmussen seems to indicate that those who are paying attention to the Biden administration’s handling of the economy are longing for a return to a traditional-style capitalist economy, when corporate businesses sold products, not politics.

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