Voters think TRUMP is more likely to win swing states in the general election: poll

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Battleground state voters have signaled that they wish to put an end to the Joe Biden era and return to an America led by President Donald Trump, a recent report found.

According to the latest survey from Redfield and Wilton Strategies, a plurality of voters across swing states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are not only supporting Trump in 2024, but they believe he will be reelected to the White House.

A majority of voters in all six states believe Biden will suffer defeat against Trump in 2024, with respondents from Florida having the highest percentage of raw totals holding this belief.

45 percent of Floridians believe that Trump will defeat Biden, while 34 percent believe the opposite. An additional nine percent believe that third-party independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will overcome Trump and Biden.

Furthermore, Joe Biden’s approval rating is underwater in all six battleground states by double-digits in all but Michigan.

Only 39 percent of Michiganders approve of Biden, of which just 16 percent “strongly approve,” according to the survey.

Biden’s lowest support came from Pennsylvania, his supposed home state, where just 34 percent of Keystone State voters approve of his job in office.

Meanwhile, Trump led Biden across all six states, with his highest victory margin at an 11-point win in the Sunshine State.

45 percent of Floridians reported that they would back Trump in a rematch against Biden, while 34 percent stated the contrary.

Biden garnered the least support in North Carolina, a state he lost to Trump in 2020, with 33 to 37 percent. Interestingly, Kennedy received his highest volume of support with 11 percent in the Tar Heel State.

Should Trump carry these six swing states, combined with the other states he won in 2020, he would win a minimum of 296 Electoral College votes, a 16-vote surplus over the 270 electoral vote minimum needed to win the presidency.

However, it is more than likely that the 45th president will win even more than 296 Electoral College votes, as he is leading in two more battleground states not even included in a poll from Redfield and Wilton.

Nevada and Wisconsin have warmed up to conservative politics in recent years and, albeit narrowly, elected Republicans to various statewide offices in 2022 after years of Democrat rule.

President Trump has also maintained an impressive polling lead over Joe Biden in Nevada and Wisconsin, which possess a combined tally of 16 electoral votes.

Per the Real Clear Politics polling averages, Trump currently leads Biden in Nevada by four points (47.8 to 43.8 percent), while the two are tied in Wisconsin (45.8 to 45.8 percent).

However, Wisconsin’s polling averages tend to over-favor Democrats, specifically during the last two presidential races, an indicator that Trump may actually be leading Biden.

Wisconsin polling overestimated Biden by six points in 2020 and Hillary Clinton by more than seven points in 2016.

Even so, the latest survey from Bloomberg/Morning Consultant of 681 registered voters found that Trump would win the state of Wisconsin by four points against Biden in a hypothetical rematch.

Additional victories in Nevada and Wisconsin could provide Trump a total of 312 Electoral College votes, which would be six electoral votes more than his total against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

While recent presidential elections have shown themselves to be close, the 2024 election has thus far shown itself to be shaping up as one with momentum and support for reelecting President Trump.

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