Wardynski: Those we lost on 9-11, and America, deserve better

Op-ed by Hon. Casey Wardynski (Ret. Colonel), candidate for the US House of Representatives in Alabama’s 5th District. He served in the Trump Administration as the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

Almost twenty years after Al-Qaeda’s 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the gravediggers of America now ensconced in the White House, Pentagon, CIA, and State Department, handed the United States and its Allies an avoidable and crushing national security and diplomatic defeat.  As quickly as American and British forces drove Al-Qaeda and their Taliban hosts from Afghan seats of power in the fall of 2001, the Taliban scattered our Afghan allies in the summer of 2021.  In so doing, the Taliban shattered any notion that Afghanistan would emerge from two decades of struggle as anything other than a brutal seventh-century Islamist theocracy. Those we lost on 9-11, and America, deserve better.

Amplifying the Taliban’s triumphs this summer were the feckless actions of America’s gravediggers.  Military chiefs, who weeks earlier spoke of their concerns regarding “white rage” and extolled the capacity of Afghan forces to resist the Taliban, were reduced to pleading with the Taliban to protect the America evacuation from Kabul Airport in late August.  These leaders, who allowed $83 billion of American military hardware to fall into Taliban hands, ensured through their failures that our Islamist enemies now enjoy advantages they could not have hoped to approach when they attacked America on 9-11. Those we lost on 9-11, and America, deserve better.

Thanks to disastrous leadership, our forces and our allies have suffered a demoralizing reversal.  This reversal will embolden the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other jihadists to expand their war on America, our partners, and western values.  It will diminish the influence of moderate voices in the Muslim world and spur masses of recruits to the Islamist cause.  In Europe and Asia, our friends will now have good reason to question our commitment to their security.  They must ask themselves if they can rely upon American leaders, who relegated the safety of their citizens in Afghanistan to the mercies of America’s ruthless Taliban enemies.  In their government councils, Japanese, Taiwanese, and South Korean leaders must be reevaluating their need to rely on their diplomacy, resources, and potential nuclear capacities to safeguard their interests, liberties, and sovereignty.  These allies indeed recognize that the feckless leadership rendered by Biden and his national security entourage inverted events that brought fear and disaster to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the months following their 9-11 attack. These gravediggers of America brought the United States and its allies the “shock and awe” that American and British forces had brought to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in 2001. Those we lost on 9-11, and America, deserve better.

With his capacity to lead hollowed out by dementia, corrupt dealings, and failed policies, Biden worked throughout the summer of 2021 to hollow out the meaning embodied in generations of service rendered by American’s who joined the military and fought terrorists around the world.  From 9-11, these Americans answered their nation’s call.  They killed bin Laden and many of his henchmen, avenging the American’s killed on 9-11.  Notwithstanding their service and sacrifice, Biden observed of their efforts that “there is no mission accomplished.”  With these words, Biden, who participated in 20 years of mission creep that led America to nation-building in Afghanistan, ignored a vital fact.  Capable and brave young Americans accomplished the mission of hunting down Osama bin Laden and those who planned the 9-11 attack.  Biden also dismissed the threat his Afghan policies, and disastrous evacuation now poses when he observed the United States must “fight the battles of the next 20 years, not the last 20 years.” Those we lost on 9-11, and America, deserve better.

Thanks to Biden and his fellow travelers, the Taliban is armed to the teeth.  The shameful evacuation and abandonment of Americans in Afghanistan revitalized the Taliban’s brand of jihad.  By making these gifts to Taliban warlords possible, America’s gravediggers in Washington have ensured that we will refight the battles of the last 20 years.  We will refight them while America gathers its strength to counter China’s growing naval and nuclear capacity and its determination to replace freedom and democracy with tyranny and control via Chinese debt-trap diplomacy, intimidation, and force. Those we lost on 9-11, and America, deserve better.

With the aid of providence, strengthened election integrity laws, and American voters awakened to the disaster Biden and his gravediggers present, patriots are rising to turn back Biden’s failed and hateful agenda.  Parents are rejecting the classroom indoctrination of their children into malevolent racist belief systems.  The courts are undoing Biden’s attacks on private property and border security.  State and local leaders are rejecting his war on personal liberty, small business, and his efforts to undermine American families.  Growing voter concerns are causing red-state Democrats to question Biden’s explosive growth of government power and cost.  American patriots are rising to change America’s course and to displace career politicians now in office.  Patriots have already begun this work in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and precincts across the nation.  Their labors will see America First leaders turn Pelosi and her ilk out of power in the House of Representatives 2022.  They will bury America’s gravediggers at the polls in 2024.  They will keep faith with those who lost their lives on 9-11 and gave their lives for freedom in the days, weeks, months, and years that followed. Those we lost on 9-11, and America, deserve this American renewal.

Hon. Casey Wardynski (Ret. Colonel) is a candidate for the US House of Representatives in Alabama’s 5th District. He served in the Trump Administration as the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. To learn more about him and his campaign visit friendsofcasey.com

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