Ways and Means Committee votes to release hours of transcribed interviews with IRS whistleblowers

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Chairman Jason Smith, R-Mo., of the House Ways and Means Committee, announced on Friday that his committee had voted to release 14 hours of transcribed interviews with two IRS whistleblowers.

On X, Rep. Smith described how the interviews will “shine a light on the seeming favoritism DOJ and IRS officials showed to protect this high-profile individual from justice.”

He explained that the “high-profile individual” was allegedly Hunter Biden.

Smith continued, “The 2 whistleblowers exposed: Hunter received money from Ukraine, China, and Romania. All taxpayers are NOT treated the same. Biden DOJ engaged in attempts to delay, divulge, and deny IRS investigators. Whistleblowers faced retaliation for telling the truth.”

Rep. Smith detailed how whistleblowers have alleged that Hunter Biden did not report the entirety of his income to the IRS. He added that Biden reportedly received funding from foreign entities in places like Ukraine, Romania, and China, as many Americans are now aware, thanks to House Republicans’ investigation into the Biden family’s alleged foreign business schemes.

Rep. Smith further explained:

“Hunter Biden profited off his father’s name. He didn’t report millions of dollars in income from foreign sources. Any ordinary American caught doing that would have faced severe consequences. Hunter Biden didn’t. Why not? The whistleblowers exposed how the DOJ established a pattern of delaying, divulging, and denying the Hunter Biden investigation. At nearly every turn, officials chose protecting the powerful over exposing the truth to the American people.”

According to a report from Just the News, the whistleblower accounts corroborate the testimonies of two whistleblowers from this summer, Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley.

The two new whistleblower testimonies have been released just one week before House Republicans are set to have their first impeachment inquiry hearing into Joe Biden.

On X, Rep. Smith accused the DOJ of repeating a pattern of “delay, divulge, and deny” in the case of investigating Hunter Biden, noting that Americans “truly deserve better” from the justice system.

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