What will be DIFFERENT by Christmas 2024 if Trump wins the presidency

by Summer Lane

Analysis by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

During remarks delivered in Coralville, Iowa, in December, President Trump promised that the American economy would begin to come back to life before next Christmas upon a prospective presidential victory in November 2024.

He declared, “We will have the U.S. economy roaring back, and in 2025 we will have one of the greatest economic years this nation has ever recorded.”

In later remarks delivered in Reno, Nevada, at a packed campaign rally, he explained that the economy would roar back to life simply by winning the presidency as the world would anticipate an imminent return to America First policies in 2025.

The 45th president explained, “The next economic boom begins the instant the world knows that Crooked Joe Biden is gone and we have four more years of President Donald J. Trump and YOU – TOGETHER! We’re TOGETHER.”

The mere knowledge of an impending Trump presidency is poised to kick start the dormant fires of industry and trade. What’s more, a 2025 administration with Trump at the helm will signal to the entire world that America is on the cusp of an economic upswing.

Here’s what will likely be different by Christmas 2024 if Trump wins the general election in November:

  • Like Trump said, the economy will begin to shrug awake upon a prospective victory at the ballot box next year. Expect the stock market to swell in anticipation, as well as the housing market,
  • It’s not just the economy that will stand up and take note of an imminent Trump return to the Oval Office. World leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will most likely shrink back from their global skirmishes, knowing that Trump will soon be ready to strike a deal centered on maintaining peace,
  • Iran will be put on notice. Since Trump left office, Joe Biden has failed to keep Iran in check. Instead, the Biden administration seems to have catered hand and foot to the Iran regime, failing to enforce sanctions and even allowing billions of dollars to be authorized for the country. Trump, by contrast, was rightfully stringent in his dealings with Iran, which is known for sponsoring terrorism. He withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal and chipped away at Iranian oil dominance by building American energy independence. He will return to those simple, common sense policies of peace through strength, and the world will be bracing themselves for his leadership by next Christmas,
  • Illegal immigration may slow down. Trump has vowed to close the southern border and implement the “largest deportation operation” in U.S. history upon a return to the presidency. The knowledge that illegal entrants will be turned back or swiftly deported may serve as a strong deterrent for the millions of people overtaking the open border.

In the weeks between Nov. 5, 2024 and Jan. 20, 2025, the nation and the entire world will sit on the edge of their seats, anticipating a return to America First policies.

If Trump is successful in reclaiming the White House, the nation and the world will begin moving in a more positive direction, and world leaders will straighten up, knowing that they will soon be taken to task with the president’s docketed Agenda47 policies.

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